-IBM Develops Computational Scaling Solution for Next Generation “22nm” Semiconductors

Posted: September 20, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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IBM (snippet):

Semiconductor Breakthrough to Benefit Cloud Computing; Paves Way for Next-Gen Servers and Consumer Electronics Devices

ARMONK, NY – 17 Sep 2008: In response to ever increasing demands for smaller, more powerful and energy-efficient devices for cloud computing and high-performance servers, IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the semiconductor industry’s first computationally based process for production of next generation 22nm semiconductors. Known as Computational Scaling (CS) — a process that enables the production of complex, powerful and energy-efficient semiconductors at 22nms and beyond — this new initiative will feature support from several of IBM’s key partners initially including Mentor Graphics and Toppan Printing.

Today, most integrated circuits are manufactured at 45nm or larger technology nodes. Producing circuits at 22nm is a challenging milestone since current lithography methods — the process of designing photomasks to image circuit patterns on silicon wafers in mass quantity — are not adequate for critical layers at 22nm due to fundamental physical limitations. Computational Scaling overcomes these limitations by using mathematical techniques to modify the shape of the masks and characteristics of the illuminating source at each layer of an integrated circuit.

This initiative directly links to IBM’s Cloud Computing strategy, which offers highly scalable, more energy efficient Web services. Through cloud computing, enterprises and individuals can access these services in a highly flexible and open environment. As demand for these services grows, more powerful and flexible servers based upon advanced technologies will be required.


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