*The Nationalization of Fannie May & Freddie Mack: U.S. has overthrown foreign governments over far less

Posted: September 15, 2008 in 2008, Exclusives, Videos
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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss:

In recent weeks the whole Fannie May & Freddie Mack (FM&FM) fiasco has been the ‘big news’. But I have a feeling there hasn’t been much talk about the ‘big story’; the historical context behind the ‘big news’. In my view, the big story is what this means in the view of our national outlook. And the big story is how in past decades this government has overthrown foreign democratically elected governments over them doing roughly the same if not less.

First, before I list some examples, I’d like to point out the propaganda euphamism that has diverted the masses from actually thinking about what the takeover means. In place of the term “Nationalization” they’ve instead been using the term “Conservatorship” to negate any context.

Second, the devils advocate may want to point out different reasons for what’s being nationalized, but I’ll do it for you. Here the capital being nationalized is $5 trillion in housing mortgages with a debt induced government bailout being the motive. In our counter-case examples, it was their national resources being nationalized, with repelling US monopolistic domination and exploitation over their natural resources that their citizens would harvest as impoverished de facto slaves.

The way this society is, I guarantee the average “American” holds their home in higher regard than say a Guatemalan thinks of something as trivial as bananas. While I’m in the expose spirit, I’d like to also mention at this time that maybe a handful of “Americans” even actually own their homes in the literal sense, unless of course you don’t pay property taxes (don’t pay your taxes, you get evicted). So in great historical insights, perhaps South Park should do an episode depicting egg-headed Canadians invading the US and overthrowing our government by force for being secretly in bed with the Kremlin. After all, the bailout does coincidentally coincide with the US-Russia proxy war in Russia’s former satellite state Georgia. So the sarcastic theory would be that it was a staged conflict to divert the masses from even considering a socialist takeover of the US housing market.

Anyways, lets try a few examples already, but first it must be noted that these weren’t Communist puppet regimes, although 2 did ally with them over the US. But even if a state were a Communist ally, should that require the overthrow of their elected governments to install repressive totalitarian junta regimes?

1. Guatemala, beginning in 1951: BANANAS

Operation PBFORTUNE, Operation PBSUCCESS, Operation PBHISTORY

The ‘Banana Republic’: CIA overthrow of the democratically elected government pf Guatemala because their president Jacobo Arbenz nationalized the banana fields. This one didn’t happen because he was Soviet, but rather the nationalization process allowed US policy makers to label him as such.

2. Iran, 1953: OIL

Operation AJAX

Little do people realize is that whole “Iranian Revolution” of 1979 was their equivalent of our 4th of July, except they weren’t liberating themselves from the UK, it was from US. This one didn’t happen because he was Soviet, but rather the nationalization process allowed US policy makers to label him as such.

3. Iraq, 1963: OIL

CIA helped the Baathist Party regime overthrow their government. Eventually Saddam would rise up through its ranks. Go figure. The opponent did however side with the Soviet’s, because they helped him overthrow the monarchy installed by the US when the map of the Middle East was drawn up by the US & UK after WW1.

4. Chile, 1973: COPPER

Operation CONDOR

The irony of this is that it occurred on September 11th. Here roughly the same number of people were killed as on our 9/11, but some 28,000 others were arrested and detained in the national football (“soccer”) stadium. This was the first step in Operation CONDOR, which eventually overthrew the governments of most of South America. Allende was actually a Marxist, but again, should a democratically elected government be tyrannically overthrown for being allied or merely share World-Views with our enemies? Does that make US better than them? I call hypocrisy!


And this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overthrow of foreign governments. Those are just the cleanest and easiest examples of ‘concerns of being Communist’, off the top of my head. In fact, we don’t even know the full extent of the history of CIA backed coups, but there are dozens more that have been declassified and are historical fact.

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