*Google Co-Founder Wants To Modify Climate (UPDATED)

Posted: September 13, 2008 in 2008, Exclusives, Videos
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UPDATE: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation censored the climate modification segment from their transcripts of this speech. (read below)

A subtle but not explicitly spelled out portion of the narrative in my DARPA iXo video was that one of the goals of the DARPA/NASA AI projects was weather modification. It was tricky making the narrative work as in it I exclusively used quotes from government & military documents. But what I was trying to express was that they intend to use AI as an enabler for mass scale weather modification, not that they have such capabilities already.

While in my videos, that have touched on the government AI subject, I’ve been soft on Google, Google has always been of prime focus in my writings literally from day one. It all began when I seen the Google + NASA partnership almost exactly 3 years ago in 2005 (a deal finally recently signed as a 40+ year lease for a 1.2 million square foot research complex at a NASA base). Compared to today, I was vastly ignorant in that time, and my veal against NASA + Google involved much speculation. But as time wore on everything I had suspected became truth as I dug and dug over the past 3 years.

Sergey Brin discussing NASA + Google AI Partnership.

Now, today I finally took a good look at this video of Larry Page, stating his desires to modify climate, which he did right after stating Google’s push for “large-scale” AI. He states his desires to modify climate after complaining the current computer modeling of future climate patterns is lacking, which it is. This makes perfect sense to me, as for over a year I’ve been stating in various writings that “Global Warming” is subtlely being used to justify a “need” for intelligent computers that can actually properly model accurate climate forecasts (dire climate predictions today are scientifically mere speculation).

It might seem confusing that he mentions cloud-seeding in the statement, but if you listen carefully he’s not actually advocating cloud seeding in reference to achieving his “climate modification” desire, he’s just mentioning something historical about weather modification, while the entire segment is lumped in between several different segments touching on AI and machine learning. He does refer to could seeding as “climate modification”, in reference to that guy, but CS is merely altering when existing clouds will drop as rain. He says that CS ‘is’ climate modification, but not that climate modification is CS. He then alludes to “a lot of” (possible things) that “people aren’t going to understand what they are”. Cloud seeding has been understood since at least the Vietam era, when the US military conducted such operations against the Viet Cong.

So, once again, in sorts, it turns out that the only piece of speculation in my more modern DARPA iXo video has been confirmed by Page, to a striking degree. To catch my drift, it’s key to understand that Google is in direct collaboration with NASA and DARPA in the quest to achieve godlike cognitive self-aware artificial intelliegence. For further perspective, a writeup I did on Al Gore a while back goes on to lay out deep connections between Google and government AI programs, and there’s much more I’ve yet to even publish.

However, one new thing I leanred today, in context with the above, was that Sergey Brin’s (the other co-founder of Google) mother worked for NASA. A final thing worth underscoring here is that the key NASA citation I used in iXo was from their “Intelligent Archives” program that sought to be able to accurately predict global climate in excess of 10 years in advance. Today they can’t even consistently accurately predict local weather conditions a week in advance, the beginning or ending of La Nina’s or El Nino’s, or even hurricanes 3 days in advance.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation Update: The segment in question should be between the AI and Google Books segments. They mysteriously decided to remove it:

One of my favourite things is artificial intelligence but it has gotten a very bad rap…but my prediction is that when AI happens it’s going to be a lot of computation and not so much clever algorithms but just a lot of computation. My theory is that if you look at your programming, your DNA, it’s about 600 megabytes compressed, so it’s smaller than any modern operating system, smaller than Linux or Windows or anything like that, your whole operating system, that includes booting up your brain, by definition. So your program algorithms probably aren’t that complicated, it’s probably more about the overall computation, but that’s my guess.

We have some people at Google who are really trying to build artificial intelligence and to do it on a large scale and so on, and in fact, to make search better, to do the perfect job of search you could ask any query and it would give you the perfect answer and that would be artificial intelligence based on everything being on the web, which is a pretty close approximation. We’re lucky enough to be working incrementally closer to that, but again, very, very few people are working on this, and I don’t think it’s as far off as people think.

I’ll give you another quick example; Google Books. We actually wanted to digitise Stanford’s library and there’s actually a digital library project there and we tried to convince people and they just didn’t think it was really possible or made sense, and actually we spent probably five years trying to convince people that it was possible and a good idea. Once we convinced maybe two or three crazy people, it’s basically happening. We just made a one million…we’re going to digitise another million books in Princeton and it’s sort of routine now which is a great thing, but it shows you how hard it is to get people going on things that they think maybe aren’t that possible.

A Google search of “One of my favourite things is artificial intelligence” only turns up the link above, so it would seem this may be the only printed transcript on the Net. In fairness, the video can be found in the Podium Archive at google.com, without a transcript. So while it is availible to those studying Google, anyone reseaching climate / weather modification wont happen by this bit and make any connections. Further, googling: “larry page” “climate modification” only brings up a handful of pages, 3 being webpages I’ve created and the rest not actually containing the quote.

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