*IIB Films: Road to Terrorstorm (2008 Final Edition)

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Exclusives, IIB Films, Timeless, Videos
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Google VIdeo steps on video quality worse than ever so download the torrent if quality is a concern:

High Quality Torrent Fast Download:
Download it with “Vuze” (Bitorrent Client):

It’s a compiliation of Alex Jones / Infowars films that focus on the events before 9/11, in sequential timeline fasion. The goal was to make a nice tool so that ‘new’ people could get a comprehensive history lesson by only watching one film rather than 2 or more. The hybrid film ends roughly when the planes hit the towers.

The films used are Road to Tyranny, Terrorstorm, Martial Law and by extension Police State 2000. Considering the content I used, I cut out around certain things that newcomers would likely find outlandish, while dodging many of the more controversial items. I tried to make it as compelling and ‘bulletproof’ as I could. I only added a few complimentary items (news archive footage, and the taped WTC Bombing phone conversation), and I put a few of my own touches on a few spots.

This release is for this years 9/11 anniversary. I originally released it for last years 9/11 but  shortly before lightning had taken out my main PC, which cut short my time to edit and then the substitute PC’s limitations had the quality looking like crap. So this year I decided to dredge up the film, shorten it while cleaning up the slop I missed last year. This time it took less time to render than the length of the film, where last year it took someting like over literally 24 hours with that crap PC. In a bit of a rush again this year, I haven’t wathced this film straight-thru as of writing this, but it should be in good order. I’ll be watching it right away, and then shortly I’ll clean up whatever slop might still be there and do a full DVD release. All videos sources are full quality, so it should look nice.

You might need the free DIVX codec to play the torrent version:

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  2. Nice work, IIB, I’m watching it now. Also reposted on DS. Thanks for sharing with us and all your time and work that you’ve put into this (and all of your stuff).

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