Possibly Staged Pics Fueled Georgian Propaganda Push

Posted: September 9, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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Byzantine Blog:

This photo was first published by the Reuters as an image of a “dead woman being carried by the Georgian soldiers from the town of Gori”. But this “dead woman”, incredibly, is clutching the nurse’s arm.

This man exhibiting rage and grief happens to sit in the exact same place where the earlier picture was taken: the same pile of garbage is behind his back and scraps of metal from the picture of a “dead” woman being ‘rescued’ are lying around like in the earlier photo — plus some, additional, unidentified scraps of metal. What are these supposed to represent?

Fighting Dirty: Pictures to Provoke Hatred and More Suffering

Remember the image of an emaciated Bosnian Muslim allegedly caged behind “Serb barbed wire”, in a “Serb concentration camp” Trnopolje? The fake photo filmed by a British news team became a worldwide symbol of the war in Bosnia. Even after it was proven that the “prisoner” wasn’t a prisoner to begin with, and was filmed outside the gate, part of which had barbed wire, this picture had still continued to be proudly exhibited all over the world to this day as the “evidence” that Serbs ran the “concentration camps” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even the Hague tribunal’s web site carries this fake image on its home page, offering another demonstration of its patent bias and voluntary blindness, a willful disregard for the facts and truth in all forms.


Also check out Danger Room’s post covering their attempts at questioning the media outlets responsible.

  1. eric says:

    These are undoubtedly faked photos! I saw someone post these two and one additional with the same “actors” in them posing in different scenarios. To verify it, I went to Reuters.com and looked under the Georgia conflict (because I had the very strange feeling that that is what they pertained to) and found one of the original posted ones and even more with the same people. I am almost certain that I saw the “crying man” and the “nurse” in a short segment about humanitarian aid being delivered to suffering Georgia. I have no doubt that they are fake!

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