*The Media is Pro-Military-Imperialism Biased

Posted: September 8, 2008 in Exclusives, Timeless
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I wrote this over a year ago. As with most of this stuff I’ve been transferring from my old spot, I could go MUCH further with this, but don’t have time.

By IgnoranceIsntBliss

When the Iraq war was first beginning, most had seemed to think that they were getting a somewhat accurate portrayal of the “reasons” we were driven to conflict. Because the media uncritically parroted the administrations every claims and fabrication, they were directly complicit not only selling the war, but US buying the war. From there, ensuring that people ar ejust content enough to be able to ignore or support the war.

When the war started, the media was right inside with military forces reporting “live” “from the scene”. They reported mostly the same “view” we ever seen the media portray in almost any war. All they ever seem to show is the tank shooting, the jet shooting the missiles, the troops running and maybe shooting. They try their best to make it look like something we’d pay money to go see in an action movie. They don’t show the other end of the things that are shooting.

They avoid mentioning that unexploded cluster bombs often result in civilians blowing their limbs off in later contact.

They refuse to mention how virtually all of the various munitions are made from depleted uranium, despite the fact that even the DOD admits that it’s a highly toxic and partially radioactive substance.

This is why the U.S. Army prefers to use depleted uranium over
tungsten ammunition. If you look on the chart you can see that the depleted uranium is a material that has a characteristic that allows it to sharpen itself as it penetrates the target.

It’s critical that they don’t spoil the DOD’s avoid jail card, beause using it in most of the weapons platforms gives our military tremendous advantage, meaning less troops dying. Keeping the troops deaths extremely low isn’t important merely for caring abotu the troops lives, it’s about making sure that public support is easy to sway in all of the never ending global conflicts.

Then the war begins, and then it even “ends”. It’s never about actually leaving, it’s about establishing military bases and economic and political control. Or re-establishing as is the case with Iraq.

Then they still implicitly and explicitly help sell the current and upcoming wars.


Conservatives often believe that the Media in general has a Liberal bias because they don’t show the good images like the soldiers playing with the kids:

Liberals on the other hand tend to believe that the Media has a Conservative bias, as they don’t show the other side of the coin:

It’s really quite clear when you step back that they only show just enough to mention the issue without getting anyone too upset that they might do something about it. They are “fair” in that they don’t show the good images otherwise Liberals would be able to see a clearcut bias. It’s likely they would percieve¬†“opposing bias” anyways thanks to what’s known as the “hostile media effect“, but because the Media doesn’t show the “good” images it maintains an “even balanced” appearance.


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