Singularity Messiah Ray Kurzweil makes Transgender film debut in his “The Singularity Is Near”

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2008, Videos
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The frontman of the Technological-Singularity / Transhumanism / Posthumanism Movement, Ray Kurzweil, makes his film debut and first book-to-film adoptation in one swoop.

“The Singularity is Near: A True Story About the Future.”

It seems to be a pseudo-documentary fiction tale wrapped around Ray’s version of future reality. It involves his masculine transgender woman alter-ego, Ramona, somehow saving humanity from a nanobot “Grey Goo” apocalypse.

Transgender “Ramona”:

Here’s the poster:

And the alternate:

It’s worth noting that Ray takes over 250 nutritional suppliments per day, in his quest to stay alive long enough to gain technology driven ‘immortality’. According to his impressive projections, human brain/mind “Uploading“, along with brain augmentation and sophisticated neural implants should be possible by about that time.

It’s my guess that he intends to be physically near-immortal, with a godlike software version of himself in cyberspace, whereas he’s a “god” both physically and virtually, with each aspect of himself interconnected via his Internet satellite uplinked neural implants. But for now he has to settle as the fictional messiah ((physical) savior of mankind) via Ramona in this soon to be released film.

Also in this film, infomercial motivational-speaker-course Tony Robbins, and Zionist zealot Alan Dershowitz join Kurzweil’s ranks.

Anthony Robbins

Kurzweil also has an upcoming (2008) ‘viography’ (my word) documentary film, “Transcendent Man“,  all about him and his life.

In Kurzweil’s world, truths such as our hegemonic overlord masters utilizing the same sorts of technologies he advocates for dystopian purposes is nonexistent. Just focus your concerns at non-persecutable-entities such as out of control self replicating nanobots as being the threat. As Ray himself describes in his solution to AGI driven human enslavement, ‘we’ll make friendly AI’s to balance it’. And the AGI outcome is still only part of the threat. If the “hard takeoff” AGI event could be somehow controlled or avoided, we’re still dealing with the same system I question so often being able to use the various technologies against us. Everything will be ok. Go back to bed “America”.

So is Kurzweil deluded? Not completely. His projections do make a lot of sense. They really give the impression that human level AI (AGI) will come both inevitably and almost naturally by around 2029. But he leaves ‘unnatural’ Manhattan-Project-like programs and intitiatives (DARPA + NASA + Google) out of the discussion in his books, and even sidesteps the subject in interviews. This should be of no surprise as over 25 years ago he was being funded by NIST, NSF, NSA, DARPA, etc.

So not only is he the frontman of the Transhumanism movement, he’s also a stooge for the Military Industrial Complex via being a whitewasher for the Defense & Technology wings of the Ruling Establishment. He’s given a gold-trimmed marble platform by the Establishment’s Media to persuade the masses now for something he says will be another 20 years away, meanwhile the interests he represents intend to make it a reality in roughly 5 years, or less, if they can.

  1. metaholic says:

    Wow. Very powerful statements and accusations. I do not find flaws in your logic, yet the deductive process is so very paranoic and disempowering. You are in control of your own life.
    Even if things like gravity or the economic crissis are out of your control, almost everything else is. you can BE the rulling class. you can ALSO stop them. you can mobilize, you can write blogs about it.
    You can also become Karzweil him self.
    Which I have read, btw, and is not sounding at least bit conspiracious.
    If any, he sounds optimistic that good and the collective will of the poeple will triumph. and I concur.
    We may have WWIII before it’ll happen, but it is the undenyable outcome of the Unierse.
    To create the singulaity, via novelty preserving Fractal reality, thus adding to complexity.
    Thus creating God.
    It is the only way for an all knowing being to generate new knowledge and advance.

    Krezeil desrbices a blissfull heaven, at which we’ll be like pets almost to machine that will assist in our need.
    Don’t forget that Direct democratic vote on anything will be casual reality at this point.
    Governments also evolve. look at Obama just this day.

    We will live our life in public. and in heaven.

  2. who says:

    “This should be of no surprise as over 25 years ago he was being funded by NIST, NSF, NSA, DARPA, etc.”


    • ignoranceisntbliss says:

      Watch/listen to his own speeches, statements, interviews and his books. I dont have time to catalog it all, here, now, but it will come when my AGI film does. He even admits to working with the military today and now.

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