>”September Clues BUSTED” (‘No Planes’ Debunking)

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2007
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The original September Clues disinfo series HERE

I’ll be posting a solid No Planes / Micronukes / Space Beams ‘theory’ debunking / disinfo expose eventually. Too far behind on everyting.



September Clueless – Plain Dishonest or Plane Disinfo

a short history of “No Planes” hoaxes


The Dummies Guide to “No-Planer” theory

No more messing around. Why weren’t these cars “melted” too?

Lessons From The OSS/CIA: 9/11 “Disinfo” Vs. “Actionable Consensus”



  1. simon shack says:

    I’m Simon Shack, the sole author of September Clues.
    I’m a dedicated 9/11 researcher and certainly resent
    my work being called ‘disinfo’. This is a ridiculous and unsubstantiated accusation. Whether you understand
    September Clues or not does not give you the right to
    slander my persona by insinuating I’m some sort of hoaxer (the irony of it all…since 9/11 was the most outrageous hoax of modern times).


    Please watch carefully the new, high-res version of September Clues. I have corrected the inaccuracies which were in the first version so any serious assessment of my work should be based on this definitive version :

    SEPTEMBER CLUES first half

    SEPTEMBER CLUES second half

    regards and peace

    simon shack

  2. nogod says:

    Maybe we think your spreading disinformation simon, based on the fact you aren’t backing up your claims with any science. Which isn’t slanderous, Its a observation. But one could turn around and say that you are being slanderous. Since your research does not have any proof what so ever. You seem to be targeting Bush and the USA. Dont be surprised at some point if those that your attacking send a lawyer your way.

  3. Robert Clark says:

    We are all finding out the real truth.. You and your disinformation worked in the 60s-90s… it may give you a nice pay check… but wait… do I smell the freedom of alternative energy… stem cells… gravitational systems..
    Is that the internet and whistleblowers causing you trouble?

    ATS and Ron Paul… got you down… Don’t worry its just the start..
    Simon has done alot of work… and opened our eyes…

    The red pill please..

  4. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    Note how Simon didn’t actually respond to any of the content I posted and linked to…

    Dear ROB:
    You’re welcome to go try and debate me in the proper place at ATS. I’ve already completely destroyed the insane No Planer COINTELPRO propaganda over there. Besides ATS is such a better format for debate, posting images and so on than here on WordPress. The contrast of quality of debate formatting is so vast that it’s a shame, as I don’t really like debating here on my own blog, and I’m a maniac for debate.

    It’s not worth my time to build some massive blog entry over here, to then not be able to effectively respond to debate with new pictures and so on in the comments. I’ve provided all the links. I even saw a new image semi-recently that further proves that planes crash landed all over Manhattan. You’d have to be completely insane to look at the PROOF and scoff at it, and I don’t use the word proof lightly.

    You people disgust me and turned me off to 911 research. And BTW, to say anyone against No Planer BS is disinfo is like calling the majority of the movement COINTELPRO, including AE911Truth and 911Blogger, both of which I have pretty substantial connections to despite 9/11 not being a major theme in my site here.

    The reality is that it’s the No Planers / Micronukers / Space Beamers / etc that have been throughly exposed as DISINFO COINTELPRO agents, or insane loony tunes disconnected tools of the establishments dininfo / confusion / tin foil hat ridicule campaign. Thanks for nothing but subversion.

  5. Call me a chick-sexer. I have looked hard at the arse-end of all this, and just KNOW (like the chick-sexers) that the overall surreality remains. ‘Left brain’ theories will not do if they leave the ‘right brain’ unmoved.

  6. Brian C says:

    I have studies September Clues and it is slam dunk evidence of TV fakery. I have also studied forum and documents that attempt to debunk it and they are very weak while chalked full of ad hominem attacks and lacking any substance to refute Mr. Shack’s work. I dont know why so many people are opposed to looking at infornation objectively. I had more respect for Alex Jones before watching Sept Clues, but I still subscribe to his show because it’s far better than pure loes by MSM. Keep up the good work Simon!

  7. Brian C says:

    Indeed, Simon keep up the good work. I too have looked at what people have to say about your work and the naysayers are week and ad hominemish because they attack you and not the evidence. Alex Jones is one I respected more before I found out he must be a shill. With an analytical mind like his. he must be covering up the obvious TV fakery you have exposed. God bless you Mr. Shack!

  8. Brian C says:

    WTF? The last comment is not what I wrote. They changed my words!

  9. Brian C says:

    Oops. Sorry, I didn’t realize I commented on this site about 3 weeks ago. I was reading my comments from Oct 6…

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