*Pseudo-Individualism used to Divide & Conquer

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2007, Exclusives, Timeless

In observing this phenomenon in virtually everyone I know, I selected the term “pseudo-individualism” as most appropriate. With a little researching I learned that a past scholar also used this term. Bernard Gendron first coined the phrase in reference to Cadillacs and part-interchangeability. His point was that the manufacturers produce numerous cars each year, but when you actually strip off all of the “external trappings” you’re left with essentially the same car.

“Advertising encourages us to believe that packaging differences reflect differences in the essence of the product, while they are really part interchangeable. Gendron states, pseudo-individualization glamorizes style over the real inner content”. LINK

My concept isn’t much different…

We’re all trained to be several ways, our entire lives. This goes whether we like or adhere to ‘them’ or not. The ways in question here would be self-serving, self-centered, over-competitive, and so on. We’re all trained to obsess over our Self, and to seek out ‘neo-individuality’.

The result is a society that is at large self-centered and ultimately selfish. Countless of millions of people who mostly are more or less are concerned with their own interests bar none. Now this isn’t everyone, and some in degrees more than others, but as a whole it is the m.o. that is adhered to. To not consciously acknowledge and confront this phenomenon is to accept it because it does persist and it’s waiting to take us all along for the lonely ride.

The essence of this individuality driven utopia is everyone thinking about themselves, and as a result everyone is working against each other. This can be observed for most people in normal day to day life. For instance, “it’s not my job” on something that technically isn’t anyones job in particular. Therefore everyone should do the task as a team for it be be easier, but instead everyone blows it off and blames everyone else for as long as possible.

When it’s all said and done there’s a major contradiction: everyone’s doing the same exact thing, and operating on the same exact “program”. The only difference is everyone’s being selfish and working against each other, while tellng themselves they’re extra special above all others because they like different things or have nicer stuff. The quest for individuality actually becomes counter-individuality, as everyone’s operating on the same program, more or less, however we feel different because we may just so happen to like different tastes or have more / better stuff, and the pseudo-individuaism concept isn’t exactly something you’re going to hear about on TV.

This reality is handed to us by our elite masters and their lifestyle promoting TV “programming”, and even at school with the over-competitiveness we’re indoctrinated with in things like nationalism and sports fanaticism. We’re filed into the category known as “consumers”, and on this count alone we’re all connected in the same social group according to those who spoon feed us this entire melodrama.

While we’re all obsessed over our Self, our elite masters remain in total control, whether you realize it or not, and you’re probably consuming more of their defunct goods to feel more like an individual. In light of this view, we’re divided as a society into parts of millions of self-serving individuals, when in truth we’re mostly all doing the same exact thing, no matter how selfish it may be.

Divide and Conquer.

EDIT: I forgot to add a paragraph about ignorance in the selfish context, as it’s sort of the primary motivation for my strong stance on this one. My interactions with virtually all people has taught me that most everyone actually wants to be ignorant (uninformed). Everyone just wants to pump ther brains full of mindless ignorance inducing entertainment. Since people suffer, due to inaction thanks to those who could push for change not being informed, I view it as selfishness, especially after one being shown enough reason to care and maybe try to self-inform or do anything in general yet they still cover their ears and shout “lalalalalalala”.

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