Never Forget: The 4200+ US killed in the Philippine’s (The DOD Did)

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2007, Exclusives, Timeless

The Establishment has forgotten the 4200 Americans who died in the Philippine-American War. Apparently they prefer people also forgot about that imperialist venture, and this is just one example.

Spanish-American War (1898-1902)
Total Servicemembers (Worldwide)……………..306,760
Battle Deaths………………………………………………385
Other Deaths in Service (Non-Theater)…………….2,061
Non-mortal Woundings………………………………..1,662

So not only did they forget to include the conflict in their list, they also left the numbers out of the total from the conflict that it spawned from.

Proof of the 4200 dead:

1902 July
War ended in the Philippines, with more than 4,200 U.S. soldiers, 20,000 Filipino soldiers, and 200,000 Filipino civilians dead.

DOD Spanish-American War casualty Total: 4108
Casualties includes those injured but not killed.

The Philippines-American War was an offshoot of the Spanish-American War.

The DOD/VA didn’t bother to total them in there. I guess they didn’t matter?

No, they did matter. They symbolize American Empire, but back then they didn’t have a justifiable cop-out like we have nowadays for every “enemy” we’re spoon-fed propaganda about.

Well beyond 200,000 Filipino’s died from U.S. Imperial occupation, which included mass tyranny and torture and scortched earth campain’s. This parallel’s basically every other conflict we’re actaully told about, or remember. The only difference is there wasn’t a scapegoat involved here, and it’s easy to keep quiet because it’s overseas. It’s the overseas matters that we don’t hear about fully (to this day) that keep US ignorant to the irrefutable fact that “we’re” the worlds hegemonic imperialist state. In effect, they didn’t actually serve their country, they served the imperialist power monger interests that drive this “country”.

There are wars with less admitted US deaths before that war, and after, in that list. There’s simply no excuse, besides they’re tryng to keep the clearcut imperialist conquests (that can be ignored; many, like the Mexico theft, cannot be) out of the public mind.

Following the Imperialist Disinfo Logic, those who died just yesterday won’t be listed eventually either.


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