*Ignorance isn’t bliss: The I Dimension

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2007, Exclusives, Timeless

By IgnoranceIsntBliss

It’s time to rethink what “Ignorance” ‘itself’ really is, and see how ‘it’ truely isn’t bliss. We generally only think of “ignorance” as some concept in human understanding or even lifestyle. Here it’s time I redefine our concept of “ignorance”, and give it a capitol “I”. It requires looking into ones Self to understand the meaning of Ignorance, because it is the opposite of ones Self.

The Self is everything. It’s the core of each of our existence. It’s the foundation of life, in a sick sort of sense, because we’re trained our entire lives to obsess over ourselves. Now this applies to everyone in this society, even if you don’t overly obsess, because it’s the way we’re all trained regardless. Therefore, it affects us each on a daily basis, and it affects us even if we don’t realize it, because we’re subjected to it whether we realize it or not, or like it or not. This is often subtle, like the implicit messages in the TV commercials. You know, the other ‘thing’ they’re promting besides the products actual qualities and practical virtues.

We’re all trained to only think about ourselves, and our own personal interests, and what will make us “feel” good. This training that I speak of hardly even needs to be explained… it goes without saying. The fact that it exists and goes without saying shall be the precident here, although it’s also the reason that it dominates hundreds of millions of people, and because it does we’re forced to participate even. It’s a reality that parallels ‘every man for himself’. We live in a ‘world’ that is the result of overlapping decades and generations of indoctrinating (programming) propaganda. It’s been happening so long and so many adhere to it that it’s “normal”. This phenomena isn’t even merely propagated by the “Media”, societies ‘program’ those within them through “Socialization”.

It’s just our Selfs, and the exception of the handfuls of people we keep around us or social groups we Self-identify with. But it’s still the Self in the center. It’s almost impossible for us to not naturally be self-centered, but then we’re also indoctrinated to be self-centered, over-competitive, materialistic, under-confident (worried about our Self) and so on.

So then, what is Ignorance? In the meantime of our Self obsession, and whatever social groups our Self is Self-identified with, there’s that other ‘thing’. There’s a huge world out there with billions of people, and that external ‘thing’ which we generally don’t think about is our defintion of Ignorance. This definition of Ignorance isn’t even as narrow as the whole “world” ‘out there”, no. It’s even ‘right here’ “at home”. Odds are it’s even right down your street whether you acknowledge it or not.

Ignorance is everything, but your Self. It’s everywhere. It’s always. And it’s growing. It’s expanding like the American Empire. It’s enveloping the globe, and it’s arguably spawning from within our own “home”. But you may be thinking “no, I’m still ‘free’, it’s not in my home”? Yes it is. You just haven’t acknowledged it. The Self doesn’t “feel” subjected, so therefore you have no concept of being a subject. This is where the Self meets Ignorance, because Ignorance is everything that is ignored, and “feelings” like “being free” are subjective states based on interpretation. We interpret based on what we’ve learned, and we’ve been trained to ignore that which does not benefit our Self.

Ignorance in fact isn’t bliss. You may feel bliss, but You aren’t Ignorance. The numbers and full scope here are another thing that go without saying. Just like the things that lead to Ignorance not being bliss. But why is Ignorance not bliss? Because we ignore Ignorance. We Ignore that which is not our Self.

This argument pushes to anecdotally prove that Ignorance isn’t bliss. It also pushes you to prove it wrong by resisting living a lifestyle of ignorance.

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