*HR1955/S1959 is the modern day COINTELPRO / Operation CHAOS

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By IgnoranceIsntBliss

During the 1950’s-1970’s the CIA conducted Operation Chaos in conjunction with the FBI’s COINTELPRO sinister sister-program. These programs were targeted specifically at the population of the United States. Later, when they were exposed to the public, the famous congressional Church Committee Hearings were conducted exposing the tyranny of the CIA and FBI.

Terms famous today such as the (original) FISA Act were established in its wake. It’s important to note that the CIA in particular is only supposed to conduct their tradecraft on overseas matters, but since many of the multi-faceted revolutionaries held socialist views that allowed them to later assert that the Soviet Union was behind the overall revolution. No evidence of that notion was ever collected. The revolution of the 60’s & 70’s was to broad and too diverse, and if anything the CIA was to blame for the LSD / psychedelic aspects of the broader revolution, as their Project MKULTRA activities involved distributing LSD and other psychotropic drugs on college campuses. It’s in all likelihood that the same Operation CHAOS agents were the ones behind those portions of the broader MKULTRA experiments, as the CIA essentially had operatives in every college and on university campus across the country as part of their domestic surveillance operations.

CIA Operation CHAOS Operational Guidelines:

  • Gather information on their immorality.
  • Show them as scurrilous and depraved.
  • Call attention to their habits and living conditions.
  • Explore every possible embarrassment.
  • Investigate personal conflicts or animosities between them.
  • Send articles to newspapers showing their depravity.
  • Use narcotics and free sex for entrapment.
  • Have members arrested on marijuana charges.
  • Exploit the hostilities between various persons.
  • Use cartoons and photographs to ridicule them.
  • Use disinformation to confuse and disrupt.
  • Get records of their bank accounts.
  • Obtain specimens of handwriting.
  • Provoke target groups into rivalries that resulted in deaths. Perhaps most notable of COINTELPRO was the FBI’s anti-Black Panther operations. They literally did things like mailing fake death threats (“Hit’s”) between Black Panther political group leaders to criminal gang leaders in certain local cities. This one brief example of subversive tactics resulted in violence and deaths.

    Watch on Google Video: COINTELPRO: FBI’s War On Black America

    Another case was the premeditated murder of Fred Hampton. The FBI managed to get one of Fred’s ‘security guards’ as an informant. One night informant drugged Hampton and then the police and FBI raided his place and gunned him down right in his bed with pregnant girlfriend laying next to him.


    Fred Hampton documentaries on Google VIdeo.

    The U.S. government -through the FBI & CIA- literally conducted institutionalized systematic repression and violence against the American populace to maintain the status quo and their power stranglehold. It was done under secrecy in those more shrouded days when there was only 3 primary news networks all infiltrated by the CIA.

    Today we have a seemingly more ‘open society’ with FIVE major megaconglomerations controlling roughly 90-95% of all news networks, TV channels, TV shows, newspapers, book publishers, radio stations, and so on across the country. Luckily we have the Internet which makes things much harder for our ruling establishment to get away with any potential slitherful ambitions, that is if We use it. In the days of COINTELPRO & CHAOS the “laws” of today (such as the PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act, and this new HR1955/S1959) were de facto, as in they were in fact yet not legislated nor their existence openly admitted to.

    Today those modern items aforementioned are right out in the open, meaning that in effect COINTELPRO & Operation CHAOS are back and are somehow embraced as “legal”. The irony is that Islamic terrorists who aren’t even agents of nor funded by another superpower state are being used to justify these measures, yet even the Cold War against the USSR and their blue-sky-funded KGB didn’t require such.

    Here 9/11 Truth websites are being displayed in powerpoint slides of “Terrorism & the Internet” congressional hearing about HR1955:


    Rep. Ron Paul’s statement on “Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, HR 1955″:

    This legislation will set up a new government bureaucracy to monitor and further study the as-yet undemonstrated pressing problem of homegrown terrorism and radicalization. It will no doubt prove to be another bureaucracy that artificially inflates problems so as to guarantee its future existence and funding. But it may do so at great further expense to our civil liberties. What disturbs me most about this legislation is that it leaves the door wide open for the broadest definition of what constitutes “radicalization.” Could otherwise nonviolent anti-tax, anti-war, or anti-abortion groups fall under the watchful eye of this new government commission? Assurances otherwise in this legislation are unconvincing.

    In addition, this legislation will create a Department of Homeland Security-established university-based body to further study radicalization and to “contribute to the establishment of training, written materials, information, analytical assistance and professional resources to aid in combating violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism.” I wonder whether this is really a legitimate role for institutes of higher learning in a free society.

    Legislation such as this demands heavy-handed governmental action against American citizens where no crime has been committed. It is yet another attack on our Constitutionally protected civil liberties.

    Rep. Dennis Kucinich on HR1955: “If you understand what his bill does, it really sets the stage for further criminalization of protest”.

    The FACT that the 9/11 attacks could have been
    stopped with the “tools” that “they” had should make it obvious that even ‘simply’ the PATRIOT Act is an absurd abomination to our so-called “Leader of the Free World” republic. The notion that more domestic surveillance to cloud up the intel waters, thus making it harder to narrow down the supposed terrorism related activity is de facto proof that this has much less to do with “Al Qaeda” and more about the US population just like in the old days.

  • “It isn’t about getting Osama”:


    The fact that GWB and the rest of the Neocon talking heads admit that the “War on Terror” isn’t even about “Osama”, in conjunction with the aforementioned domestic policies clearly demonstrate that the entire ordeal is nothing much besides the conquest of both global and domestic domination by the ruling power elite.

    S 1959 “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007” must be stopped at all costs.

    There’s still time to resist HR1955/S1959, however, but I suggest you act. Call your local Senators and civilly tell them what you think:

    It may seem futile to even bother, but when we don’t act nor protest things it in effect gives them the green light for all of the various underhanded things that happen in DC. Tell them that you’re not ignorant, apathetic nor as stupid as they presume. Empower yourself by respectfully telling The Man where to stick it.

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    Cynthia McKinney regarding COINTELPRO on CounterPunch [2]

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    • Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans, Book II
    I. Introduction and Summary
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    (A) Violating and Ignoring the Law
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    (C) Excessive Use of Intrusive Techniques
    (D) Using Covert Action to Disrupt and Discredit Domestic Groups
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    (G) Deficiencies in Control and Accountability
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    2. gangstalking says:

      Please look up the term Gang Stalking. This is happening on wide scale and it’s happening in many countries to many people. http://www.GangStalkingWorld.com they are using an array of citizen informants to assist with their 24/7 surviellance, break in’s, life disruption, etc.

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