Bush is a fool? No, he’s playing US as the fools!

Posted: September 8, 2008 in 2007, Exclusives, Timeless
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Bush is a fool? No, he’s playing US as the fools!

By IgnoranceIsntBliss

Everyday you see allegations that Bush is a fool… an idiot… he’s stupid… incompetent and so on. He often appears to be just that, so the assertion isn’t and commonly held belief isn’t without precident.

In truth it’s a mixture of his act, and what lying with virtually every breath he can muster is doing to his brain he when tries to talk. The incompetence that’s become the legacy of his presidency is mostly an act to coverup their true intentions, so they can get away with things like concentration of power, mass murder, neo-imperialism, degradation of of our “rights”, and so on.

Bush: The 10 Year DifferenceSource

Lying comsumes major cognitive “computing” power. Memories are generally like physical embodiments of of networks of “neurons” in the physical structure of the brain. When lying, instead of the subconscious easily conjuring up an embedded memory directly from the “unconscious” brain (where it’s stored / associated) and into the conscious mind and speech, a ‘twirling of the cognitive kaleidoscope’ is required to articulate the lie while crossexamining it with all of the other lies the person has commited on the topic, and any related. The comparison between simply reciting something you know (or think you know) is true, compared to when you have to consciously engage in a lie, is like comparing a matchbox car and a RC truck.

But isn’t Bush just some backwoods good ‘ol boy? No, he’s an ivy leaguer. He might be a chump style cut and run type who likes to do a little partying, but that’s not the issue with Bush today.

The Bush we all know today. LINK

Even if he does resort to drinking from time to time these days, with all of the emotional baggage he’s carrying around from this presidency (even if he didn’t have anything to do with things like allowing 911 to happen as the evidence suggests) he’s still got the best doctors / psychologists / etc. Him being the president surely has him on the best brainboosting nutritional suppliments, mental healtcare, propagandists engineering hsi speeches and staged events, and so on. And we all know Bush is the type to go jogging regularly so it’s not liek he’s a total burnout from whatever partying he does do.

The backwoods good ‘ol boy routine is Bush’s impersonation of how he views American’s, most particularly those he’s trying to have self-identify with him. He’s laughing in our faces. His entire act and his speeches are carefully crafted and groomed by some of the world’s top propagandists, perhaps even the world best propagandists. If you doubt that then you have much to learn about the spectre of politicians and presidents, because virtually every time you see the bigshots the event is staged.

Bush’s cronies playing the same act to avoid the law:

The Daily Show: Bush’s Band of Idiot Geniuses

People say Bush and his administration are stupid. Arrogent is more like it. People allege that “CT’ers” consider Bush and his administration stupid and incompetent in attempts to refute allegations that he/they could have had complucuty in 911. I would tend to think that CT’ers would be inclined to not fall for their incompetence game, as that act is the entire ‘justification’ for how 911 ‘was able’ to happen, and how they could have possibly “skrewed up” so bad taking us into Iraq etc. Instead of Iraq being an idiotic accident, it was a carefully crafted plan that was planned long before Bush became president, and the planners even included his brother Jeb over at PNAC.

Stupidity: The Documentary

There’s a choice documentary specifically about and titled “Stupidity”. In it they study the entire spectrum of stupidity, and the important view they present is how smart people like comedians use stupidity to be successful. The part important for this discussion is the surprise twist ending where they assert that perhaps GWB could be using stupidity to achieve “success”.

Now I wont go as far as calling him a genius, but he’s smarter than many would believe, and then there’s the propagandists behind him.

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