*American Imperialism: The “First Truth” about US

Posted: September 7, 2008 in Exclusives, Timeless
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By IgnoranceIsntBliss

What would be the most fundamental Truth about the system that our society is subject to and a product of? What is the one concept that best defines where our nation has been led from day one, and can be applied to virtually any one point or example in our history? If you answered “it’s a civilization” then you’re close. From our “American” perspective, it’s important to distinguish “Western Civilization”, so what then is  “Western Civilization”?

If you open any basic Western history book to ‘civilization’ what do you see as the prime historical examples? You may be surprised to learn that each example can answer the initial question above. Each “civilization” that we’re generally presented with is an empire: Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and then last but not least European “Colonialism“. With the “First Truth” viewpoint, it’s rather striking to note that the period between the fall of Rome and the beginnings of colonialism is considered to be the “Dark Ages“.

American Empire is thus the answer to the first question. It’s the most fundamental, irrefutable, undeniable, in your face yet completely unacknowledged truth that can be said of the United States. Think back to virtually historical American event or period and you can find American Imperialism behind it. Imperialism is our heritage.

You may have heard of the 13 Colonies, but have you ever questioned what exactly was their nature? They were imperial colonies. That’s what “colonialism” was; it was the new  breed of European naval imperialism. Virtually every European “civilization” took part in the domination and exploitation of every place they could locate to conquer. The phrase “colonialism” is what is known as a “euphemism“, which is a ‘soothsaying’ phrase to remove the harsh reality of what the concept being symbolized is. These are used so the public doesn’t think much about their establishment’s behavior. It’s a tool of propaganda, or the science of persuasion and distraction.

Our 1800’s history is no big secret. We, or, our leaders maintained an expansionist (imperialist) doctrine until the border was expanded “from sea to shining sea”. They mostly believed that it was our divine destiny to do so and that doctrine was known as the “Manifest Destiny“. We ‘stole’ the land from imperialist Great Britain, and then the “Indians”, Mexico, Hawaii and so on. (Alaska was bought fair and square). But it didn’t stop there.

The Spanish-American War began in 1898. Many historians believe, and there is considerable evidence to suggest that it was started using a “false flag” attack against our own USS Maine for the pre-text (a common tactic used by empires throughout history). In any case, we won, and acquired most of Imperial Spain’s territories including Cuba, Puerto Rico and the distant Philippines for our expanding empire. Our long history with the Panama Canal and even the creation of Panama began at this time. Up to 1 million Filipino’s died as the result of U.S. occupation that resorted to torture and scorched earth campaigns to stop the aspiring “fore-fathers” of their land. The Philippine’s remained a U.S. imperial colony until July 4th, 1946. This is but one example from this period.

Everyone knows WWI & WWII happened, but what’s overlooked is the fact that they were each a war of the empires (“civilizations”). We won. So did the Soviets. The Cold War was a 45 year conflict between the Soviet and American empire’s. Both sides used ongoing fear-mongering propaganda against their populations to maintain support for unprecedented war machines and “foreign policy”. We won.

Immediately after the fall of the only the opposing empire this new “Islamic Empire” concept began to be fed into the American publics mindset, while terror attacks curiously began in the United States. Now, after 9/11, we have our endless war that “will last generations”. We now have the perfect excuse for imperial war on policy: a scattered mindset that is the result of our imperial efforts since around the days of WW2. The common fallacy is that their religion is the source of their hate, but in fact they’ve just integrated their religion into their political beliefs much like the pro-American-imperialists have done (throughout our history and especially today). This is common in all lands and with all cultures that have religion. Many charge that the religion itself is to blame for literally all wars, but in reality virtually all wars are related to imperialism or ‘simple’ expansionism. The religion just adds to the ethnocentrism and justification, but rarely is the religon itself to blame.

Most of the overt wars were clearly US Imperialism, especially Vietnam. There isn’t room here to list all of “our” overt wars, let alone covert wars and other imperialist activities. The overt conflict history alone is plenty to prove a clear and virtually constant imperialist nature from day one. We’ve since become the worlds greatest and most unprecedented empire phenomenon. We’re mostly hated by Islamic “terrorists” for supporting harsh and even brutal regimes throughout their region (imperialism), including putting Saddam in power. The same applies in many other countries, especially all throughout Latin/South America.

The covert and economic fronts of the American Empire include a wide range of underhanded backroom tactics including terrorism, assassinations and the installation of military dictatorships, not to mention puppet regimes all throughout the world. Operation CONDOR is probably the best example of this. Throughout the 70’s the CIA assisted in overthrowing nearly every democratically elected president in South America, which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths and disappearances of political dissidents. This behavior actually began in 1953 when the US and Imperial UK overthrew the US-friendly Iranian president for nationalizing the Iranian oilfields to remove the UK-US monopolies to feed his poor. To underscore the hypocrisy, the UK itself was a “nationalist”/socialist system at that time, and was until Thatcher in the early 80’s.

So is all that the big story? No! The big story is that we have a population of 300 million yet virtually nobody realizes this most core truth about what “we” are, especially in the world’s eyes. Why is this important, and how can it be?

External (outsider) perspective is a most crucial view for any self-aware entity to consider when trying to assess itself. Why do you think world polls typically placed the US at the top of threats list even in the Soviet days? Yet the majority of the U.S. collective has no concept of this. The only comparison would be if the entire nation was a certain religion, yet nobody had a clue and had barely ever heard the name despite seeing reminders of it every time they turn on the news or see a magnet/bumpersticker on another car. The historical importance of the Nazi’s Swastika is not the symbol itself, but how the elite establishment plastered it (a symbol) all throughout society to maintain a collective blind-nationalist/imperialist mindset.

It was propaganda, and propaganda is most of the reason that we have had hundreds of millions of people who somehow didn’t or don’t  realize the most basic truth, or “rationalized” it when they actually delved into those realms of perspective. Our population has virtually always had propaganda to help us rationalize it, always an external threat to excite our emotions to drive out reason.This propaganda has clearly been in effect for many decades and overlapping generations. This isn’t brainwashing, it’s (constant) indoctrination. Look no further than a history book that mentions “civilizations” for an example of this.

The First Truth is the first proof of a system ingrained with propaganda and indoctrination. It’s also the first proof that they lied about 9/11 from the very start. Within hours, officials were on TV declaring that the terrorists were attacking “‘our’ freedom”,  “‘our’ way of life” and “civilization itself”. These same lines were parrotedby almost every member of the Commission and the other officials, in the very first 9/11 Commission hearings. When assessing the words of officials and the media you must consider what all of the words represent, even the most basic ones. Of those who are on the record, 10% of the population owns 82% of the nations wealth; 1% owns 38% of everything. Virtually all media, including the newspapers are owned by 5 mega-conglomerates. The same and interlocking elites/powers also pay for the elections and official obedience. Virtually every president in our history was imperialist, including the most publicly favored, and half were “Democrats”.

Who does the media actually represent? Do you think the establishment is referring to YOU when they say ‘our’ or “US” “interests”? How is global domination and the hate it creates in “Our” interests? What about being taxed to death to fund the “permanent war economy” imperialist machine? Is that in “Our” interests? The current national debt is almost $9TRILLION, and at least 1 third of that is owned by foreign entities, all with ‘interest’. Meanwhile, the Corporate Dogmatism that has hijacked capitalism is shipping our jobs overseas to slave-laborers (who are also oppressed and exploited by their elites) in sweatshops and massive compounds,.

This years Dept. of “Defense” budget has swelled to $530+Billion, and we now have, on the record, troops & bases in 159 of 193 nations worldwide. We have 12 “super aircraft carriers“, while no other nation has more than 1. Within 5 years, according to official government websites and documents, they intend to have one mile long “SeaBases” and massive artificial intelligence systems fully integrated into the system by 2013. Their 2020 goal is a completed “Star Wars” system that is is stated to include laser weapons and major weather control technology which will surely to include nuclear systems.
Those projects are in progress, publicly researchable (yet not reported) and may be further along than we’re aware. {more to come on these…}

Is this behavior of a simple nation trying to fight “terrorists”, or is it the full spectrum dominance doctrine of the most awesome imperial force ever conceived? People call the War in Iraq an imperialist war, and their right, but that’s just the latest example of overt military domination. Again, the big story is that somehow the majority of Americans don’t see “US” for what ‘it’ is. Is that coincidence, or universal deception? You decide.

This is all on oversimplification. These truths are all right on the surface once you grasp this view.

  1. Dorothee Krien says:

    The American theologian David Ray Griffin wrote an article The American Empire and the Events of 9/11 that lists the major discrepancies and inconsistencies of the offical “conspiracy theory” about a man in cave in Afghanistan. It was first published in the progressive Jewish magazine Tikkun.

    David Ray Griffin – 911 and the American Empire (2005) 1:21:46 – 3 years ago. David Ray Griffin, an acclaimed philosopher-theologian and author of the 9/11 …

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