Dennis Kucinich sells out and endorses Obama and the DNC

Posted: August 28, 2008 in 2008, Articles
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That’s too bad. He’s endorsing the same party and puppet that snubbed and smeared him on the campaign trail, as well as in his House efforts such as hitting a brick wall of Democrats preventing him from impeaching BushCo.

Note the “Democratic” party and Obama are controlled by the same Ruling Establishment as the GOP and McCain. It’s all a stage and either Dennis doesn’t get it, or he’s lost his spine. You’d think Denny would cut his losses and head over to one of the independent liberal parties, such as the Green Party. Quite frankly, as Ron paul has little place in the modern “Republican” party, in truth there’s hardly much difference between the modern NeoLiberal “Democrats” anf the NeoConservative “Republican” parties.

Lost a lot of respect for DK this time.

How dare he say “Wake Up America”!


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