Obama will let “Bush’s Crimes Remain Buried For All Time”

Posted: August 24, 2008 in 2008, Videos
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  1. Nick van Nes says:

    Obama will let “Bush’s Crimes Remain Buried For All Time”
    It’s extremely sad that the above story in video would end with a pizza joke by Olbermann. There’s nothing funny about this, least of all that the new Obama administration promises to do no more than the Bush administation has in bringing elected criminals to justice. Not a very good sign, and a go ahead for other politicians to have their way. How poetic that such regression of law might very well bring back the lynch mobs to find their own justice. And all these years I’ve been told we’re the best. Make me laugh and cry.

  2. Rick Warden says:

    I appreciate the exposure of the Bush cover ups but rather than “world domination” as your blog title states, I believe the US is headed for self destruction and this by no accident. The economic hell that I believe is coming will help the US submit to world governance. I wrote an article “Barreling Towards Babylon” at my blog that backs this up with historical references.

  3. […] he has pledged to let Bush’s crimes remain buried for all […]

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