-The Face of Militaristic Imperialism, in US.

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Exclusives, Timeless, Videos
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“…but no matter how you slice it (German Nazism, Italian Fascism & “Divine” Imperial Japan), it was just plain old militaristic imperialism.” – The United States Military

This old documentary titled “Why We Fight” (Part 1: Prelude to War), but this isn’t the same modern film of the same name. This one is the original WW2 propaganda movie put out by the Department of Defense in 1943. The eventual premise put forth to oppose the Axis of Evil was that they were military imperialists (see above quote). Both before and after WW2 the U.S. has been bent on global imperialism, and today is about as close as an empire could get.

This 52 minute video was the first in a 7 part propaganda series that justified American involvement in WW2. This particular entry goes into detail about freedom, slavery, tyranny, American values, (enemy) imperialism and so on.

It documents the rise of the 3 Axis of Evil powers and their systems of domestic and foreign tyranny. The parallels between these past empires and modern America are staggering; too much to list here.

“”The man who has no sense of history, is like a man who has no ears or eyes”” – Adolf Hitler

Bonus: It shows how both Italy and Japan used False Flag operations at the first stage of their parts in the world conflict.

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