-Online Activity Tracked Without Explicit Consent.

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Articles
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The Washington Post reports today about the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s ongoing inquiry into the online tracking activity of various internet companies. The Post reports that some internet companies have been using targeted-advertising technology without the explicit consent of consumers. More than a third of the 33 companies that received letters have indicated they do not conduct behavioral advertising – advertising based on users’ internet activity based on deep packet inspection.

This investigation started with the Committee sending a letter to Embarq Corporation about a online advertising test conducted with their internet users. The committee also held a hearing on deep packet inspection and it’s privacy implications, which we noted earlier on this blog. The Committee followed this with letters to additional companies, which can be viewed online along with an explanatory press release. The committee has also posted responses that they have received to date. I should note, however, that the link to those letters is not readily available from the Committee’s website – I accessed it through the link in the Washington Post article. Google has made their letter available through their public policy blog.


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