Official CIA Guidelines for Subversion, Diversion and Division of Populations

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Exclusives, Intel Doc's, Timeless
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More choice excerpts from the OSS Psychology of War collection (WW2 intelligence doctrine; CIA birthright).

Try and count (on 2 hands) how many of these directives / objectives you see happening in America today (click images):

Fear & anxiety, terror, hopelessness & defeatism, distrust in ones own cause, weariness, guilt, antagonism, loss of faith, false hopes, apathy, etc. All can be found deeply ingrained in American culture towards the system we’re all subject to. This still goes for most of those who pretend the facade we’re spoon-fed by the ruling establishment and their media is true, although, its tough to get them to admit it.

Operating units were to include: mass communications via radio broadcasting, news agencies & the press, motion pictures; black market channels via financial, commodity & political black markets; combat propaganda operations; underground agents and infrastructures; and cultural channels including religious organizations, labor unions and political parties / organizations.

ABOVE: Disinfo rumor-mongering.

Bribery & Blackmail:

Could the above be the coinage of the term “cell” (today’s context would be ‘terrorist cells’)?


  1. These psychological operations are ingrained into social policies. Its all about subjugation of the masses

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