America Imperialisms death toll on the world: 27,000,000+

Posted: August 11, 2008 in Exclusives
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U.S. government attributable genocides & mass killings

Native Americans: approx 10 million
Population history of American indigenous peoples

Philippines: approx 1 million…

Vietnam: 3+ million…
US Bombs Laos: 350,000+…
US role in Cambodia: 600,000 dead and 1,000,000+ wounded…
Cambodia under Pol Pot: 2 million massacred…

Indonesia: 500,000+……
US backed Indonesia against defenseless East Timor: over 600,000, 1/3 of the population…
US coerced Indonesia to annex West Papau in 1969:…
The Indoensian genocides continue to this day:…

CIA essentially puts Saddam hussein into power…
US arms Hussein…
Hussein goes to war with Iran in 1980: 875,000+ dead…………
Hussein slaughters Iraqi Kurd’s / other Iraqi’s: 182,000 – 400,000……
US gives Iraq green light to invade Kuwait:…
US attacks iraq: 80,000…
Iraqi’s dead from US sanctions: 500,000 children dead…
Iraqi’s dead from US-Iraq War / occupation: over 600,000…

Nicaragua: 50,000
El Salvador: 50,000-75,000
Guatemala: 200,000……………
Argentina’s Dirty War: 30,000…
Operation CONDOR (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay & Uruaguay): 80,000+ Dead/Disappeared…

US trained assaulting forces in the 2nd Congo War: 3,800,000…

CIA baited USSR in Afghanistan: 1,500,000+…

More numbers:…

There are several cases I didn’t even get to also. Doesn’t count indiscriminate killings related to what I call the ‘Empire Wars” in any of the World Wars, Korea and so on.

End American Imperialism to end the killings.

Read the debate where I originally posted this here.

  1. Laos Travel says:

    Good Post & Thank for sharing
    i love Laos,
    Laos is one of the poorest and least visited countries in the world.

  2. Are you off your crock? The U.S has done shitty things and many people have died as a result, but everything after Laos is bullshit. The cream of the crop is “CIA baited USSR in Afghanistan.” Like the US is responsible for the Soviet INVASION of that hapless country. What the fuck are you smoking, Mr. Chomsky. In your effort to pile on you items that the US could not possibly have done thus weakening an initially good argument. You are the kind of dumbass that makes regular people not pay attention to the viciousness of our Govt.

    • Jim Lunsford says:

      Well Charles, apparently, what he was “smoking” was a textbook. You should really look into the history of that story on Afghanistan before you start typing. It was designed to pull the Russians into Afghanistan and thereby weaken Russia. It worked.

    • Andres Rivas says:

      Dope. Afganistan begged USSR to intervene against a consortium including the Saudis, USA, Pakistan, the Warlords, and all reactionaries in the region – threatening the Afgh
      an Revolution. Fool, turn off your TV and read a (good) book.

  3. Sorry: “In your effort to pile on you ADD items that the US could not possibly have done…”

  4. recked says:

    As evil as u.s. overt and covert violence, coming up with meaningful numbers is indeed tricky, and the easy argument against implied meaning is that hands-off foreign policy arguably allowed the Rwandan genocide not to mention the Nazi Holocaust or the genocide in Darfur to continue unabated. “Regular people” aren’t stupid, there’s legitimate complexity to these issues Charles Yuditsky.

    If only military violence were the worst of it. As with the genocide of American Indians (or the influenza following WWI that killed many more than the war itself) it’s death by disease that trumps all these numbers. That includes the health impact of big tobacco on the third world, not to mention fast food, alcohol, pharma. And now that our sites are set on murderous business practices we can cite the granddaddy of em all, oil. Clean, sustainable energy, and single payer health care folks, or we could just yell at each other as dumbasses. The problem with the left is we’d rather be self-righteous than effective. Dumbasses.

  5. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    @ #2:
    Post-Laos: The fact is that what happened in Cambodia et al was a direct result of the US’s imperial ambitions in Vietnam. Check your history. Ho Chi Minh was pleading with the US to help liberate them from French Imperial rule back around the end of WW2. His idol was Thomas Jefferson. The US establishment brushed him off and gave the ruined France good graces to re-invade. Eventually they fought French rule and the US stepped in to claim the geostrategic prize (look at the map and compare Nam with Korea in relation to communist China. Then all attempts for a democratic vote for the Vietnamese on what regime would establish the new government were stomped out by the US. Minh wasnt even officially Communist until that point, and to him even dealing with the Commies was better than living under outright imperialist rule. Like it was ever any of our business if they wanted to be commie to begin with.

    The CIA DID bait, or rather sow the seeds of engineered proxy war to give the Soviets their Vietnam. Read the links. I can provide more. And it was Obama’s chief foreign policy advisor, Zbignew Brzezinski, who did it.

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  7. […] fascism and communism that have been implicated with the deaths of millions of innocent people. So has the CIA, and the killing […]

  8. Greg says:

    27 million is still less than half of Mao in Red China. And they were his own people. They weren’t even fighting him, he just starved the poor buggers to death.

    • ignoranceisntbliss says:

      ‘oh, look, something is worse somewhere else therefore never mind how bad it is here as long as we have someone to point at!!’

  9. Paul says:

    Wow, you really reach for some of these numbers, however, the US isn’t the only cause of the world’s ills. How about the billions of dollars of humanitarian aid that is distributed yearly? How many lives has the US saved there? We usually are the first nation in response to disasters anywhere in the world, friend and foe alike. I can bet that number FAR exceeds the number dead. If you are counting from the colony times, 27 million really is not a bad number. If you compare to the current world’s population of ~6.5 billion, it is 0.4% of the CURRENT alive population, not withstanding the population over ~200 years. Considering single dictators have resulted in nearly as many of their own countrymen killed, not counting outside their influence, in a far shorter time, this is pretty good statistic.

  10. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    Reach for which numbers? Lets be specific.

    I scoured these numbers in one night in about 6 hours. This was a half ass presentation.

    Considering all of the raping of the world (alone) the US by using phoney paper money, is there much to discuss from you angles?

  11. Rich the Engineer says:

    Okay, now would you be so kind as to repeat this exercise for all the other imperialist countries so we can see how U.S. stacks up? I’m particularly interested in England, France, Germany. Also, let’s not forget the USSR and their “internal” imperialism against all the peoples they forceably “absorbed”, and the Chinese Communists against their own people, too.

    You’ll see that compared with the racist, imperialistic Europeans, the U.S. has been a kindly uncle, comparatively speaking. That is, if you are the least bit intellectually honest, which I doubt, as I’ve never met a leftist who was.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, there is no such thing as a good government (it has nothing to do with race or geography). What’s your point? Are you claiming that “other people do it” excuses murder? If someone wrote a post listing all of the crimes committed by the Bloods, would you criticize them for not listing the crimes of the Crips?

  12. Paul….why do I bother? BILLIONS in humanitarian aid? most never gets there and everyone knows it all over the world. Sweden gives more than any other country in the it to the 7 million a day we give to the zionists to run the worlds largest concentration camp for 60 yrs. Proud yet?
    27 MILLION NOT BAD?? Dictators killed? we put most of them in power. Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Panama, Iraq, Iran, too many to list. Hundreds of thousands killed in central america over BANANAS!!!! Pretty good statistics? you are one sick puppy. You have no moral compass and you probably operate the drones from a desk in Colorado.

  13. Rich the’re forgetting the BIG christian picture..We are the only country in the world always pretending to take the GODLY high ground. THAT is what makes us so much worse than the rest.

  14. Yuditsky…the dumbasses are the regular people right here, who have never cared about the viciousness of this country. They are the ones screaming for the death penalty, and for the sick to die because they have no health care. I’m ashamed to be third generation US, and would go elsewhere but I can’t think of a single place we or the brits haven’t screwed up directly or indirectly so I stay and watch us all turn on each other as those other guys laugh all the way to their off shore banks. They still have to breathe the same air, drink the water and eat the same poisoned food we do. That is until they start producing green chips made from people!!! (soylent green watch it again.)

  15. recked… I don’t think the liberals are self righteous, none of the ones I know are. They’re heart broken at what has happened to this country and it’s lack of basic education. Just good ole common sense. The Kartrashians and all of the other crap on all the news stations is an embarrassment. We have a French dish, that is how we find out what is going on in the world. 2016 the polar bears will be extinct and we’re being fed Sheen, Lohan, panels laughing and saying stupid shit every morning on every station.
    I just switch over, shut the morons off and learn something from our French dish. (it’s also FREE in France. Add to that the best health care in the world…

  16. Nothingtoworryabout says:

    Ok in my honest opion, yes the us has completely ruined alot of live in different places, and i also agree with marshallnewworldlibery, we have contributed to so many of the dictators in control that some many complain about, we only go and “fix” the problem because we caused the crap. But what i dont see is how in hell you got such numbers? none of this seems like it could have even been recorded, ecspecially since in most of these wars we had an ally so its completely unpredictable how many WE really killed, since not to mention we arent even the ones that dropped half those damn bombs.

  17. 222 says:

    well thay where face less people

  18. PrestonfromTexas says:

    so i was smoking this stuff from Mexico and found this site and all your comments to be interesting..poor report and i never trust stats(death tolls)on war even out of history books..i know my government to be so controlling that they will hide the truth and feed the media propaganda..Americans hear only and exactly what the government want them to hear..if let publicly known some information and true stats would cause this beast of a country to collapse..if one really knew the “organizations”(if you will) who now call each and every shot on this planet he/she would realize that most history learned and opinions made, are based on and determined by untrue information..a military journalist entrusted to record our nations history will keep dramatized records that lacks an even eye(we say we did better, they say they did),these records are later “touched up” and edited to perfection before being released to the public.. these records grow older, then, in turn, considered factual history by our children..My grandfather will speak of the combat training of 17 and 18 year old boys of America during Vietnam and how it would have been easier to be shipped off and die in battle than train so many peoples babies to kill with the known fact that hardly any would return. His like many others stories of experience will be found to be quite different than what you may have learned or what the standard tests you took in school required you to learn..We raise our kids to be proud to be an the information in their text books must coincide and be pro American..I will end with this..the way you feel about the world all comes from something that has happened and influenced you..just realize a whole bunch of facts and statistics(info) throughout history are half sided or simply a white lie spread around with a secret not the propagandized media of today, you will be so busy arguing about the nigger president you wont realize hes actually a fucking Muslim!

  19. the truth says:

    The Black Book of Communism came up with a smaller total of 4 million for the Holodomor, and 2 million for Dekulakization, as well as a total communist death toll of 94 million (smack dab in the middle of the 85-100 million death toll estimate in the summary), broken down as follows:

    65 million in the People’s Republic of China
    20 million in the Soviet Union
    2 million in Cambodia
    2 million in North Korea
    1.7 million in Africa
    1.5 million in Afghanistan
    1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
    1 million in Vietnam
    150,000 in Latin America
    10,000 deaths “resulting from actions of the international communist movement and communist parties not in power.”

    Rummel, by contrast, came up with the following estimates in Death By Government:

    62.9 million in the Soviet Union
    32.9 million in the PRC while in power, plus an additional 3.5 million killed by the communist Chinese before taking control
    2 million in Cambodia
    1.7 million in Vietnam
    1.5 million post-WWII Poland
    1 million in Tito’s Yugoslavia
    plus a suspected 1.6 million in North Korea

    If I added that up correctly, that comes out to 103.6 million people. (Rummel’s overall total for the 20th century includes murder and genocide carried out by non-communist regimes.)

  20. Momin rabbani says:

    Is there an up to date version ??

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  23. Benny Morris says:

    The difference between the USA and former empires is that former empires built cities, canals, sea ports, airports and national infrastructures and civil services. The only legacy left by the USA are bomb craters and uxbs and millions of dead people.

  24. […] The USA, for all its claims of exporting democracy, have had their disgusting ulterior motives well documented, from Korea through Panama to Afghanistan. They have armed and supported organizations that they […]

  25. […] “America Imperialism’s death toll on the world: 27,000,000+”; Aug. 11, 2008 […]

  26. halter says:

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  27. John W says:

    You forgot the American slave trade and the Korean War, which altogether killed approximately 10 million people.

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