*The Establishment: Unrestrained

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Exclusives
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By IgnoranceIsntBliss

A shoplifter named Bob walks into a large store. Theres only one employee, but considering the size of the store, there should be 2 or more. Sally the cashier looks like she has a bad hangover, and is half asleep. Jerry, the only customer is already making his way towards the counter with a full cart. Bob notes that there clearly arent any cameras or other electronic security measures. Bob moves his way into a section of the store where Sally and the customer can only his face and upper torso over the shelves. It just so happens that what Bob wanted to steal in the first place is in this section. What do you think Bob is going to do?


1. Not controlled or held in check; immoderate: unrestrained exploitation of natural resources.

2. Free of constraint; spontaneous and natural: an unrestrained laugh.

This is the American political power structure. These men know that they can get away with virtually anything. We have serious problems here.

First, weve been programmed, through ignorance spewing TV and radio programming, to behave and think ignorantly. Ever wonder why they call them “programs”? The equivalent here Bob hypnotizes Sally as he walks into the store.

Second, surely thanks to that “programming”, most Americans cant even be certain of when their Constitutional rights are being violated, or at least not specifically which ones. The fact that most Americans (and I mean most) can name all 5 family members of the Simpsons, but are extraordinary if they can name more than 2 aspects of the First Amendment. The equivalent here is Sally is too incompetent to be able to understand if Bob was stealing directly in front of her face.

Third, also partially thanks to that “programming”, many, if not majority of Americans are politically biased. People affected by this subconsciously lie to themselves to maintain their ideal views, and then neurologically ‘reward’ themselves immediately afterwards. The equivalent here is Sally is racist and both Bob and Sally are both of the same race, in a town where their race are extreme minorities and they each know they cant get jobs even at minimum rate and can barely afford to eat. Theyre even friends, and Sally lets Bob steal all the time. Jerry even sees Bob stealing the food, and Jerry points at Bob while he’s doing it, but Sallys a bitch and tells him to shove off and shes feels good afterwards knowing that Bob gets to eat.

Forth, politicians have great and wide influence, even over the media in many cases. The equivalent here is Bob has the tool needed to cut off the security tag in the event that there is an RFID tag system.

Fifth, we’re in a situation where the politicians and elite are above the law. The equivalent here is Bob is a well known ruthlessly crooked cop, or actually owns the store, and Sally wouldnt say much to Bob for TAKING what he wants.

Sixth, the Bush administration even tries to prosecute whistle-blowers for leaking information about things that violate our rights and his other illegal activities. The equivalent here is Bob is jacked up on PCP and walks in waiving his gun around, and Sally has to wait until Bob leaves because there isnt a push-button alarm trigger so she has to wait to call the police.

Seventh, people don’t protest anything, and the politicians probably view that as a green light to go ahead and shred the Constitution. The equivalent is Sally sees Bob stealing items but is too lazy, careless, and / or intimidated to say anything. Bob walks out with fat pockets.

If the founding fathers were all in the store, what do you think theyd do?


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