Opt out of Google’s new doubled Tracking Cookie

Posted: August 7, 2008 in 2008, Articles, Timeless
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Note: I had to use Firefox browser; IE didn’t work.

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Google on Thursday rolled out improvements to its ad network and will add DoubleClick tracking across its sites. Google also made it easy to opt out of its double dose of cookies with one click. The larger question is whether users will choose to go cookie free.

Among the key ad network changes as detailed on Google’s blog:

  • Advertisers will control the number of times a user sees ads;
  • Advertisers have more reporting on frequency changes–who saw an ad and how many times they saw it;
  • Conversion data to see if people clicked through to a site.

optout.pngAll of these lovely advertiser features are enabled by adding a DoubleClick cookie (known as DART) across Google’s network. Google



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