Micro-Electrode Arrays “MEA’s”

Posted: August 7, 2008 in 2007, Articles
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These are what they use to turn live brain neurons into “living computational devices”:


Micro-Electrode Arrays

Over the last 30 years, non-invasive extracellular recording from multiple electrodes has developed into a widely-used standard method. Systems and methods have been greatly improved, leading to more features, lower costs, and higher throughput. Almost all excitable or electrogenic cells and tissues can be used for extracellular recording in vitro, for example central or peripheral neurons, heart cells, retina, or muscle cells.


Multi Channel Systems provides high-performance amplifiers for various in vitro and in vivo applications. Gain and bandwidth settings can be specified by the user. MEA1060 amplifiers for in vitro recording from microelectrode arrays (MEAs)

Raw electrode data is amplified by the 60 channel pre and filter amplifier MEA1060. The small-sized amplifier fits perfectly on standard microscopes.


3-D Fakir Multi Electrode Array

The three-dimensional MEA (3D-MEA) is intended for use with acute slice preparations. In order to increase tight contact of the slice with the electrodes the chip can be treated with polyethylenimine like a standard culture dish. For cleaning purposes please be advised to use the following cleaning protocol. After cleaning store the 3D-MEA with the lid closed in a dry and dark environment.



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