Exploring Life Extension (Film) [Transhumanism Propaganda]

Posted: August 7, 2008 in 2006, Exclusives, Videos
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This I wrote in 2006; don’t even have time to reread it as I’ reposting it here:

We will either destroy ourselves this century, or we will obtain immortality. -Antonei Csoka, Ph.D.

You really have to watch this film to get the full scope, but Ill try to point out some things in this blog. I have heard the news mention this issue in the past, but overall this is yet another issue that is typically blacklisted from proper presentation.

I do understand some of the reasoning involved here, but I still think the extremists are possibly  selfish in all new ways in human history, and the ones who aren’t are too biased to realize that combining their dream with the real world is a recipe for disaster. Sure many have dreamed of it, but now that dream is manifesting into a reality that could destroy civilization, and it still goes beyond just mere immortality.

People need to understand that these extremists not only want to extend their lifespan, but most actually want to be immortal, and that is their goal. Some transhumanists are actually just extreme health people, but the rest seem to be these all-out extremists who dont just want immortality, but also extreme AI, mind uploading and to become posthuman entities. Im still waiting for someone to give me a good reason why the risk of AI is worth it or even necessary. Transhumanists typically want it because they know it will rapidly accelerate their goals (meaning forget about Moore’s Law).

Aging is a barbaric phenomenon that shouldnt be tolerated in polite society. -Aubrey de Grey Ph.D.

I must state that this is a very interesting issue, and I can see trying to live life healthfully and to our fullest, and maybe certain degrees of extension, but many these people are all out extremist fanatics. I like a lot of what they’re doing actually, but there has to be some point where we draw the line. They believe it is our destiny to become cyborgs, but is it also our destiny to nuke mankind off the face of the planet because we can? Their AI dream even brings all new meaning to the existence of our nukes.

Early on they show an elderly woman pushing a walker (probably for emotional effect). What they fail to mention is how long those adult diaper / cripple years will go on when they extend life to 200 years, meaning you might face hundreds of years of that stage of life. Maybe they’ll reverse Dr. Jack Kevorkian’s aging? Probably not, because they’ll surely be able to get keep us alive for a long time, but reversing the aging process altogether is really pushing it, and uncertain.

The extremists are personally deciding for all of humanity what the true meaning of everything is, and whats best for all. They have figured it all out. There surely isnt anything after we die, because they dont think so, therefore go ahead and risk the destruction of mankind because they want to live forever with their collective god controlling everything.

these super-rich super-heroes have decided to focus on whats really long term importance to the human race and intelligence, which in my view the 2 most important things (to the human race) right now are life-extension and AI. -Ben Goertzal, Ph.D.

Its the rational part of my mind that truly wants to believe in an afterlife, (underscores doubts in such) what does that mean for me I believe that technology will advance enough that some few lucky of us will never have to die. -Jay Fox

People with greater means are going to have access to the best medical technology fastest

If you want it at all, you’re going to have to let the rich have their day in the ealry days if the technologyin the 1980’s mobile phones were thousands of dollars … it’s incredible how inexpensive cell phones are now, only 20 or 30 years later.” -Michael D. Hartel Ph.D.

They compare cell phone diffusion to reassure us that the lower class (since they’re systematically wiping out the middle class) might rapidly get access to all of the greater gene / nano therapies and other technologies like bionic organs required for indefinite lifespans. There isn’t going to be a “magic bullet” to immortality, instead it will be a combination of things which greatly increases the odds that most people wont be able to afford real extension for a long time. However, certain nanomachines for brain augmentation is another story.

They claim there’s enough global food capaicity to support 60 billion people, but there’s no way this earth will last forever if everyone becomes immortal. Imagine if the entire world was developed and industrialized already. Look at the rate it’s being destroyed now. Imagine more people, and then more, and so on. Even if we get around petroleum driven automobiles there will be even more challenges like water itself. Do you really think the worlds elite want us all around forever? This technology may redefine the motives of those in power in all new ways. This really makes me wonder about these people calling for massive global population reduction and genocide. Surely they know about these coming technologies if they’re scientists who really know what’s going on?

Weve treated the Human Genome Project as a priority since day one because we all want to live forever. We want to live forever, and were getting there. -Bill Clinton

An interesting twist to this issue is how Clinton was for immortality, but the President’s Council on Bioethics that oversee these issues seem to be verbally against the Immortality efforts. They typically speak against many of the extremism issues, but Im not convinced that theyre doing anything to stop the bigger research.

Why is Bush calling for nanotechnology and supercomputing spending? Hasn’t Moore’s Law remaining true for the past several decades been ample computer progress? Why aren’t they stopping DARPA’s “Biorevolution“, or their Strong AI & supercomputing that is so vital to their revolution? Why didn’t they limit spending on “Robust Intelligence” in the NSF’s Information and Intelligent Systems program? There’s even the NASA IA project.

Why was virtually every government agency, with the White House first on the list, involved in the NBIC workshop, which was the rally cry of the posthuman evolution revolution? Why was Charles H. Huettner there applauding the workshop on behalf of the White House? NBIC goes beyond mere nanotechnology ‘bots’, it’s about growing synthetic cybernetic organizisms from the molecular level, which is the ultimate key in their posthuman revolution.

Why have human embryos been cloned in the US under Bush? Why are mice being humanized with human stem cells? Bush may be shaking up the embryonic stem cell community, but all that’s doing is motivating them to find new and better sources.

It looks like Bush doesn’t mind “god building”, human-rat chimeras, cloning, rapid posthuman evolution or their technological “collective society” (Singularity) just as long as human embryotic stems cells from new sources aren’t being used (that’s really just the wedge issue they use to keep us simpletons ignorant about the bigger issues).

There is an entity thats going to take care of us after death, that entity is us. which is the collective consciousness and our will to build an omniscient omnipresent entity, which is our collective technology and our collective consciousness, and that entity is by definition god, so Id say that god will be there when we become god. -Martine Rothblatt, Ph.D.

  1. Joshua says:

    Right, let me first start by saying I describe myself as a transhumanist.

    I must qualify that artificial intelligence is not necessarily part of transhumanism. It is a goal of many transhumanists, because we are often very accepting of any technology, but AI (along with the singularity) are seperate to transhumanism.

    Life extension is a part of transhumanism, to the extent that almost all transhumanists agree that living a long healthy life is good. I will address some of the points you make about life extension.

    Early on they show an elderly woman pushing a walker (probably for emotional effect). What they fail to mention is how long those adult diaper / cripple years will go on when they extend life to 200 years, meaning you might face hundreds of years of that stage of life.

    They fail to mention it because it is not what they want to happen. Transhumanists want to live as long as possible as fit, healthy beings. But if they have to live on the brink of death for a few decades before some scientists find out how to completely reverse old age, then I think most will endure it.

    The extremists are personally deciding for all of humanity what the true meaning of everything is, and whats best for all.

    No, most transhumanists are very pro-choice. That is, they can only speak for what is best for themselves. I currently don’t want to die, and don’t think I will want to die any time this century, so what is wrong with trying my trying to stay alive?

    They claim there’s enough global food capaicity to support 60 billion people, but there’s no way this earth will last forever if everyone becomes immortal.

    I agree. There are a few possible solutions to this (space colonisation, molecular manufacturing of food, solar powered people, etc), but this is probably the best objection to life extension that there can be.

    Given that we neither want to stop reproducing, allow ourselves to die nor destroy the planet, we will have to find the happy balance between those options.

  2. ignoranceisntbliss says:

    I can respect your view.

    I understand that not all Transhumanist individuals are hell bent on ushering AGI in rapid time (to bring forth long term goals in the shortest possible time), but most of the leaders of said movement not only take that view but are also DARPA et. al. insiders who sidestep any discussion about DARPA etc AI/AGI projects. So in short those are my real targets in most that I do.

    I’m personally quite Libertarian leaning and can understand your views. But its the RAPID, HASTY and meglomaniacial drive towards such (AGI in particular) by the ruling establishment that I simply cannot suppport or ignore. If you dont quite understand the scope and nature of the system we’re all subject to, and which is building all of this, I do hope you stick around because I’m just getting started around here. If such tech’s are inevitable then that’s all the more urgency to have a truly enlightened and democratic system to make sure we dont all end up slaves. And at current projections you can count on that more than you can whether or not AGI is actually even possible.

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