Building Gods (video) – AI/AGI builders in their own words

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Videos
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It includes interviews with experts in thee fields, but with these specific backgrounds:
A philosopher
A “brain builder”
A theologian
And an actual real life cyborg

I’d say its almost balanced, other than how they leave out much speculation about what it means in terms of tyrannical governments and the elite. I’ve found some articles of transhumanist origin that do deal with those dynamics, but overall those in the movement seem to ignore those issues in the same manner that politically biased people pick and choose their truth to maintain their ideal reality. However, there are several things you will hear these experts say that should show you what we’re up against.

It’s easy arguable that our government has become tyrannical and is ever expanding, but even if we really don’t have to worry about our government, one must consider all of the other tyrannical governments. I can’t stress enough how easily these technologies can be abused by both humans and the coming “artilects“. In this “brave new world” we’re truly throwing ourselves to the wolves in hope that they will lick our faces, rather than eat us alive. In it, it’s entirely possible that governments will enforce or heavily influence people into taking the brain implants, and from there they can be programmed into fighting machines to push ‘national interest’ agendas and all out war. A stated goal of the US Federal Government is for a technology driven “hive mind” “collective society”, but the problem here is we’re a war machine mindset society (for starters), and that could have catastrophic effects when people converge with their (military) AI system.

Another critical point, that even some of the experts in this film acknowledge, is that when the augmented cyborgs and artilects truly emerge, humans will become a sort of inferior subspecies. This will have all sorts of meanings such as being able to get a job and so on. There wont be any dignity in being a subspecies human once it takes off, which will leave billions in this subcategory, as well as major factions of ‘classes’ like never before. If anyone honestly can’t see this becoming an all out class and species warfare that may lead to the destruction of civilization, I’d love to see the arguments.


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