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This is an older 9/11 film that focuses on things like the hijackers and their financiers, instead of the typical physics type stuff found in most 9/11 documentaries. This guide here should cover every single claim and citation in the film, allowing you to check his work point by point.

I originally built this guide in May of 2006. I had to fix a ton of links. Since many of the links are Google search strings, many of them should still work out alright even in cases where there have been further developments. After doing this work I intended on building these for essentially all the more powerful documentaries out there, but then, months later I began making my own films and lost the time for such. So I recommend that those who have time use this model here to help all the films out there have far more effectiveness.

NOTE: Many of my copy-paste’s from my old Myspace blog are defecting the paragraph formatting. I’ve tried fixing these the easy way to no avail, and don’t have time to go in and manually hack the code.


EGLS Research Guide:

Case 1: Project for the New American Century

Study Guide

Case 2: Florida Election

-2000 Election -ChoicePoint (see also) -John Bolton -Staged Riot

See also: 2000 Election Videos

Case 3: Huffman Aviation

-Able Danger -Jeb Bush & Wally Hilliard -Huffman Aviation -Highjackers trained at military bases -Atta trained at Maxwell AFB -Yeslam bin Laden -Rudy Dekkers -Discover Air -INS -Venezuela

See also: Mohamad Atta and the Venice Flying Circus (abridged) [Video]

Case 4: San Diego

-San Diego -Abdussattar Shaikh -Phony PHD -American Commonwealth University

-William Lyon -New Majority

Case 5: Secured Visas

-15 Hijackers -Visa Express -Richard Armitage

Case 6: Intelligence Breakdowns and Coverups

-Robert Wright -Coleen Rowley -Michael Maltbie -Harry Samit -Sibel Edmonds -Able Danger -Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer -Defense Intelligence Agency -Yellow Stickers -911 Commission -Rep. Curt Weldon -Commander Scott Philpot -Slade Gorton -2.5 Terabytes

See also:
Rep. Curt Weldon – Presentation Showing Able Danger Chart
Rep. Curt Weldon Alleges 9/11 Cover-Up
Curt Weldon FBI Raid
Curt Weldon Outs Anonymous Sources

BBC 9/11 “hitpiece” admits there was a 9/11 Coverup

Case 7: Gamblers Scandals

-Jack Abramoff -Rep. Tom Delay -Sun Cruz -Gus Boulis -Adam Kidan -Superbowl -Atta on Sun Cruz -Vegas Strip Clubs

Case 8: Foreknowledge

-Willie Brown -Top Pentagon Officials -John Ashcroft -Salman Rushdie -Insider Trading -Buzzy Krongard -A.B. Brown trading -Money Laundering -In-Q-Tel

Case 9: Terrorist Money Trail

-Pakistan Money -General Mahmud Ahmed -Ahmad Umar Sheikh -Daniel Pearle -Sen. Bob Graham -Rep. Porter Goss -911 Joint Congressional Inquiry

Case 10: Warnings

-23 warnings from 11 governments -George Tenet -Ashcroft -Tom Pickard -John Oneill -Bush Memo -Fl. Executive Order 01-261

Case 11: Air Defenseless

-War Games & Drills Timeline -Cassette Tape -Shocking Event -Pentagon Renovation Program -Hani Hanjour -Michael Meacher -Paul Hellyer -Andreas von Bulow -Robert M. Bowman -General Myers -Sen. Max Cleland -General Montague Winfield
See also: Patriots Question 9/11

See Also:
Infowars Prior Knowledge Database
Cooperative Research Complete 911 Timelines
9/11 conspiracy theories – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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