The Office of Naval Research’s ‘Computational Neuroscience’ Program

Posted: August 1, 2008 in 2008, Exclusives
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In their own words:

Computational Neuroscience

This program unit fosters research to elucidate the organization, structural bases, and operational algorithms characterizing information-processing networks within neural systems. The goal is the development of biological neural networks that incorporate the organizational principles and operational rules of real nervous systems that provide demonstrable enhancements in the capability of information processing systems. Research supported includes neural microcircuitry, in particular from cortical networks, and sensorimotor systems composed of multiple networks. The interest in microcircuitry is aimed at elucidating the principles of neural structure-function relationships, and identifying those aspects of connectivity, neural biophysics, and network dynamics that enable scaleable, powerful and efficient neural computation.

The current priority for this program is development of large-scale cortical models, possibly embedded within larger neural systems, with demonstrable computational ability. The goal is to develop large-scale neocortical models with capabilities extending beyond pattern recognition into the domain of cognitive skills.

New brain imaging technologies are providing important data on the neural substrates of cognition at the meso-scale provide an opportunity to bridge neuroscience and cognitive science accounts of cognitive skills. Interdisciplinary approaches that combine cognitive neuroscience and neural modeling based on biological principles are of particular interest. There is interest in computational neuroscience research aimed at developing models of neural structures involved in social interaction and neuroeconomics.

  1. albert garcia says:

    look up THE 2020 IBM NEURAL CHIP IMPLANT beleive or not this chip they say is for servailence let me tell you, Haveing this chip in you is so graffic it is like haveing your soul taken from you. This chip can do so much more being connected to the nervous system this can alter your emotions and your feelings. The naval researchs computational neuroscience program with this chip you could alter a persons mind to socially not want to interact you have no idea what the people at the computer end of this chip can do it has been nothing but bad for me for 5yrs and i am still trying to convince someone that this is happening to me. The chip i beleive is designed so if a person does discover what is going on that they will be labeled bi-polar schizophrenia, i am a collage student magoring in chemical dependency and part of my studies is mental disorders and co-occuring disorders, i am sane enough to know if what i am hearing is a perseption or real people communicating through this chip. To those that dont beleive this trust me i wish i could take some meds and this would be gone, looking for help with this i know the people that did this but how do you comfront them with out them haveing you arrested for bottering them you realy dont think they woud addmit to something like this and risk getting cought, i beleive they underestemated me on finding out cause i will have this chip in me till the day i die and i worked it out with my family to have an autopsy done that i will pay for myself, i know this much the chip is in my head some place and hard to detect beleive me i am trying to get doctors check or reopen wher i think it is.

  2. Rhys Paul Hovey says:

    Rhys Paul Hovey wishes to give provinces of Canada, to China, Russia, india, and other powerful countries in exchange for protection from the US and their efforts in this regard in our country. We have a “secret” war on children now, over advertising, computers, and this same type of bio-technology,. NO CHIPS are required!! NO IMPLANTS!! this is ALL A LIE,. it is all done with WIFI against our wills,. we need signals jamming stations,. we will no doubt be the battleground for a war on the US,. we can subdivide to keep capitalistic globalization obsessed corporate mobsters at bay,. please help us,. the FBI is practically killing people over the secret.

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