Migrating from Myspace

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Internal Affairs

Myspace had been a convenient free place to host my blog posts. I had a dot-com for a year but was always too busy on new research and video projects etc to hassle with building a blog setup there. Work was dead around the time the domain was expiring and a bot snatched up my http://www.ignoranceisntbliss.com domain name, long ago.

So I remained lazy on the whole website thing, and it seemed rough starting a new blog at a place like this, especially considering I had several hundred blogs I’d want migrated, and over a thousand subscribers I’ve always felt some sort of loyalty to. But times have past and NewsCorp owned Myspace has become a festering pile of shit. That says a lot considering I’ve always refered to it as “the ultimate entity of ignorance in the known universe”. It is/was useful for political netwoorking etc, but it was already a POS before “News”Corp showed up.

You see they devised a certain “MSPLINKS” system ‘for combatting spam’. So it started off that every link that could appear in a profile (comments or the profile itself) would be snatched by the dictatorial MSPLINKS system, sorted and then renamed. It gives them centralized censorship of every link it targets, and sure enough MY OWN BLOGS in Myspace were censoered from being linked into my own profile.

This marked the beginning of the end of my before-hand exhausted patience with the ‘free’ service. And recently I finally noticed the death-blow: MSPLINKS now targets your own links in your own blogs. So even if they don’t kill the links they’re still renamed some big nasty shit. When you hover over them you cant look at the bottom edge of your browser to get an idea of where it goes. If you copy and paste the page the MSPLINKS follow with it.

Badbye, Myspace.

So I’ll be operating from WordPress until I can afford + get around to building my own site again. I may still repost at Myspace and Facebook if I have the time. I was going to also simultaneously operate a blogger.com blog, but the post entry interface is total crap there. It’s a Google property anyways.

Sooner or later I’ll get my own real website thing going again, and then I’ll just be reposting everywhere else, perhaps.

In the meantime I’m faced with migrating my old stuff out of Myspace’s defunt system, with fixed links and revisions. But while also posting new stuff as well. I have over 760 blogs there. Many were reposts of various articles and others blogs; videos. But quite a few were written by myself. So as I go thru, certain ‘reposts’ might make it over here for archive purposes. I’ll try to get most of my stuff out, but it’s been years since I’ve looked at some of that stuff so we’ll see…

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