3D Holographic Imaging used by DHS at the Superbowl

Posted: August 1, 2008 in 2006, Articles
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Birmingham, MI, Jan. 31, 2006 — Hidden from public view at Super Bowl XL, live-action 3-D holograms created from signals streaming in from networks of electronic eyes will help Homeland Security Agency officials detect people and objects suspected of endangering the 65 thousand ticket holders crowding into Ford Field, and the thousands more celebrating in downtown Detroit.

While officials may not go public with the details, the surveillance effort is likely to include

• scanning undersides of vehicles for suspicious objects
• face-in-the-crowd recognition and feature-matching
• monitoring street-level festivities, day and night
• underwater Detroit River monitoring
• classified methods of searching for and detecting potential threats.

Viewing 3-D holographic displays hidden in a security van, security officials will, for the first time ever, view three-dimensional holography that can reveal shadows, angles, depths and details unseen by conventional imaging.

Super Bowl XL marks the first public security use of this new technology, LifeVision3Dâ„¢, from privately held Intrepid Defense & Security Systems, Birmingham, Michigan.

Intrepid’s CEO James Fischbach says his LifeVision3Dâ„¢ system produces “true, live-action 3-D.   No funny eyeglasses.  No ‘virtual reality’ goggles.  Instead, the action appears to move out from the surface of the screen and envelop the viewer.”

Mark A. Hammond, Deputy Director, Wayne County Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, believes this technology “should be considered a ‘must have’ for every agency and company with protection responsibilities.”

After over a decade in development, LifeVision3D now is ready for production and sale, “Opportunities are opening up with government agencies, the military, entertainment, medicine, and just about everyplace where people are starting to appreciate what they can accomplish with live-action 3D holography,” Fischbach says.

What’s ahead? Intrepid’s successful development of live-action three-dimensional full color holography promises to leap ahead of current technologies for

• Color night vision

• Revealing details of ground images from satellites

• Lifelike flight-training simulation

• Arcade video games

• Making education exciting

• Space exploration

• Underwater surveillance, threat assessment, exploration and recovery

• Remotely controlled precision surgery (already demonstrated at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital).

à Field support for operations

à Three dimensional image storage and retrieval

à Targeting

à Three dimensional mapping and Landstat Analysis

à Color Night Vision

à Telemedicine

à Encrypted holograms

à Three dimensional viewing of tarmac/buildings

à MOUT analysis

à Biometrics

à Weapon and mine detection

à Super simulators

à ROV and UAV information display

Company Background
Intrepid Defense & Security Systems, Inc (Intrepid Defense) was established in November 2001 to serve as a systems integrator of LifeVision3Dâ„¢ and other stereoscopic visualization systems. The company has offices in Birmingham, Michigan, and is establishing offices in Northern Virginia to better serve the government security and defense market.

Homeland Security & Defense

Intrepid Defense recognized the immediate need for improved homeland security and the ability of autostereoscopic three-dimensional technology to make an important contribution to the federal Government’s efforts in securing our homeland.  In recent months, LifeVision3Dâ„¢ was configured to meet standard specifications of both government and industry.  Because of this work, the product is now ready to be marketed to the government defense and security segments.

Discussion with government officials, as well as additional research, led to identification of applications and market opportunities in areas such as vehicle inspection, mapping, facial recognition, surveillance, and reconnaissance.

The critical need for better information and increased security are driving demand for three-dimensional imaging.  Opportunities in this market also include:  airport security; facilities security; biometrics; Intelligence/Surveillance/Reconnaissance; Homeland Security; telemedicine and training and simulation, for example.

Market Launch

Intrepid Defense & Security Systems launched LifeVision3Dâ„¢ at the prestigious Force Protection Equipment Demonstration V (FPED V) at Quantico Marine Corps Base in April, 2005.  FPED V is an invitation only demonstration hosted by the Department of Defense.  The purpose of the demonstration is to showcase state-of-the-art commercial off-the-shelf protection equipment to senior Department of Defense decision makers and federal, state and local government leaders.  Intrepid Defense, along with prime contractors and systems integrators such as General Dynamics, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Honeywell, was invited to demonstrate its technology to over 9,000 important decision makers.  These companies, as well smaller vendors such as iRobot and Viisage make security and defense products that capture data which can be displayed in 3D on the LifeVision3Dâ„¢ system.  FPED V provided a venue for Intrepid Defense to demonstrate how the LifeVision3D system can better visualize information captured by equipment designed for land mine detection, teleoperation of unmanned vehicles, biometrics, under vehicle inspection,  X-ray scanning, and analysis of information obtained via satellite and unmanned aircraft.  Notably, Intrepid Defense demonstrated breakthrough technology by showing the first three-dimensional color display of color night vision cameras during Night Vision demonstrations.

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